Thank You for choosing Professional Photography Services for your marketing images! My goal is to get you the walk-through needed to secure a contract on the property. I expect to work closely with you through complete and direct communication. Don’t hold back! Let me know any questions or concerns you may have.

Home Preparation Checklist

A Home Preparation Checklist is available for the homeowner to use as a guide in preparing for the photo shoot as well as an Open House. They probably won’t accomplish everything on the list but, like a grocery list, it helps them accomplish as much as possible in less time. It’s FREE…download it and email or print and deliver to your client. The better the property looks the better the client it attracts.

Download here: Home Preparation Checklist


Please book shoots as much in advance as possible. I will do everything I can to get your session completed in as timely a fashion as possible. I am a one person operation but dedicated to your business as a partnership on each assignment.

Day of the Shoot

Please make sure access is available at the time of the shoot. If the homeowner will be present, make sure they are fully aware of the time that the shoot may take. Most shoots run 1 to 1-1/2 hours. Larger properties will take a little longer.

If you have special requests of certain images of features of the home that you or the homeowner would like to have produced, please communicate those requests prior to the shoot.

Post Processing

All photos will go through an enhancing post processing. You want to have the prospective buyer experience the home online as they would in a walk-through. If what they experience online is the same as when they visit the property, the success of that client being right for that property on the walk-through is much higher.

Do not ask me to modify permanent physical characteristics such as power lines, antennas, power poles or any part of the house/landscape that would not naturally change within a few weeks.


Do general cleaning. Remember, rooms are first seen from doorways entering the rooms. Arrange furniture to be visually complementary and inviting from those angles. Create the feeling of large living spaces by removing any pieces of furniture you can. Get the Home Preparation Checklist.

Professional Real Estate Stagers can assist you for a fee. You can locate a stager through RESA (Real Estate Stagers Association) http://www.realestatestagingassociation.com/.

During the shoot I may make slight adjustments to furniture placement as needed. Cameras see in two dimension rather than what the human eye visualizes. Staging is not included in my fees. All staging is the responsibility of the homeowner or professional stager.

Photo Delivery

Best efforts are made to deliver your photos within 24 hours of the shoot. Most deliveries are same day. You will receive an email with a link to download your photos directly as a .zip/compressed file. Your License Agreement will be displayed with the download. Please read and contact me with any questions. Photos will be delivered optimized for web presence on the MLS.

To Open Zip/Compressed File:


Open My Computer, and then locate the compressed folder. To extract a single file or folder, double-click the compressed folder to open it. Then, drag the file or folder from the compressed folder to a new location. To extract all files or folders, right-click the compressed folder, and then left-click Extract All.


To  unzip a file or folder on a Mac, double-click it.


THANK YOU for the opportunity to work with you! I enjoy what I do and to be able to help you in that process makes it even better. Contact me for answers to any questions you may have.
Now go get something done or call it a day!